Pre Starter Piglet Feed

Pre Starter Piglet Feed
Pre Starter Piglet Feed
Product Description

Pre-Starter Piglet Feed (P-010221)

P-010221 is a complex diet designed to be the first dry feed for pigs weaned at 3 to 4 weeks of age. Pigs are usually self-fed pre starter diets until they are 5 to 6 weeks of age. Although this diet is expensive, little feed is required due to limited intake at this age. Due to their complex nature, it is best that P-010221 diets be purchased from Hindustan Animal Feeds. This diet is necessary for those weaning at 3 to 4 weeks of age.

Moisture (% Minimum) : 11.0 %

Crude Protein, (% Minimum) : 20.8 %

Crude Fat (% Minimum) : 2.0 %

Crude Fibre (% Maximum) : 5.0 %

Acid Insoluble Ash (% Maximum) : 4.0 %

Feeding Recommendations

  • Feed to pigs that are unthrifty at weaning or that perform poorly during the
    first two weeks in the nursery.

  • Feed to pigs allocated in sick pens.

  • Feed multiple times daily, delivering small quantities on mats.

  • Can be mixed with water to produce gruel.


Ingredients : Corn Gluten Meal, DDGS, Pluses, Essential Amino Acids, Vitamins, Minerals, Trace Minerals, Toxin Binders and Mold Inhibitor

Ingredient Profile : 100% Vegetarian

Moisture (% Maximum) : 12

Product Form : Coarse Mash Form / Pellet Form

Product Branding : ANUPAM

Net Weight : 39 Kgs When Packed

Product Pricing : On Unit Basis (for each 39 Kgs Packing)

Production Capacity per Day : 450 MT/Day

Factory Visit : Not Permissible

Fumigation : Aluminum Phosphide or Methyl Bromide (or any as per buyer specification)

Clinical Test Methodology : As per IS:2052 Proximate Analysis on Dry Matter Basis


Outer Packing : Poly Propylene (Milky White)

Price Offer : On Ex- Factory Basis

Mode of Payment : 100% Advance Through Bank, Cash/ Cheque/ RTGS/NEFT

For Inter State Transaction : VAT Number is Must

Tax Applications : NIL

Truck Loading : 17 MT: 440 Bags, 21 MT: 540 Bags, 25 MT: 645 Bags, 28 MT: 720 Bags

Minimum Order Quantity : As per Buyer Requirement & Material Availability with us.

Buyer Branding Offer : Yes, for Bulk Orders Only. Buyer has to arrange for Packing Material


Inner Packing : Low Density Polyethylene Bags of 75 Micron

Outer Packing : Poly Propylene (Milky White)

Price Offer : On CIF Destination Port Basis or Delivery basis to Nearest Transit Port

Mode of Payment : 100% Wire Transfer Only, we don’t accept L/c or SBLC of any nature.

Terms of Trade : Mutually Agreeable Basis

Cargo Stuffing in 20’ FCL : 600 Bags of 39 Kgs

Total Load Stuffing : 23.4 MT in 20’ FCL

Minimum Order Quantity : 600 Bags or One 20’ FCL

Buyer Branding Offer : Yes, when MOQ = 3000 Bags or Five 20’ FCL

Nearest Transit Ports : Kandla Port, Adani Port and Pipavav Port

Buyer Specific Packing Offered : Yes, when MOQ = 3000 Bags or Five 20’ FCL

Our Standard Shipping Document

  1. Phytosanitary Certification

  2. Fumigation Certificate

  3. Food Hygiene Certificate from Veterinary Department India

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